By Tom Orrell, Managing Director, DataReady Limited

2020 has been an incredibly challenging year for far too many people. News of death, disease, quarantine, lockdown, financial hardship, heightened anxiety and distress dominate headlines around the world. One of the things that distinguishes the COVID-19 pandemic from crises that have come…

Tom Orrell, DataReady Limited & Al Kags, Open Institute

The declaration of the COVID-19 virus as a public health emergency of international concern on the 30th January 2020 by the World Health Organisation will be recorded in history as a defining moment of the 21st century.

The pandemic has already…

Five data governance rules to uphold in times of crisis

By Tom Orrell, Managing Director, DataReady Limited

Times of crisis require difficult trade-offs between competing public interests. In the present instance with Covid-2019 raging around the world, trade-offs between fundamental human rights — the right to freedom of assembly, to…

Balancing human and machine perspectives: what is the ‘public interest’ in the AI era?
By: Tom Orrell and Melissa Stock

Tom Orrell is the Founder of DataReady, a company that provides services and research in the digital policy and international development fields. Melissa Stock is a practicing information law barrister…

Tom Orrell

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